“Chermoula” (or “Shermula”) is a Maghreb spice blend that originates from North Africa. Most often, charmula is used as a marinade, mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. Chermoula is used for stewing meat, vegetables and legumes, as well as a marinade for fish and seafood. Stewed or fried fish aged in such a marinade is one of the traditional dishes of Maghreb cuisine. Fish fillet is smeared with marinade, left to soak well for a while, after which it is grilled or cooked in a tagine (cauldron with a conical lid). Chermoula is also added while preparating fish and vegetable dishes as a dry mix to give them a Moroccan flavor.


Ingredients: Black Pepper, Cumin, White salt ADRIATIC, Red Chili, Garlic, Coriander, Red Paprika, Georgian Saffron.

Nutrition summary (100 grams):

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