It started as a hobby

We searched all over the world to find natural spices and herbs; we did some experiments, mixed them and created unique proportions of our blends for a wide variety of dishes. We learnt every single detail about each ingredient.

So this is how our interest combined with experience and this is how we turned into a herbs and spices business under the brand “CHIEF SPICE”. We regularly visit spice plantations and farms in different countries.



Over the years we have been creating our own proportions of different spices and herbs for our blends. We are inspired by classic recipes from all over the globe. However, we don’t stop here, we do our own unique blends. All the blends consist of only natural ingredients which give an unforgettable taste and aroma to various dishes. In addition, they help to improve digestion and boost your immune system.


Peppers & Paprika

Whole peppercorns, paprika, and of course chili pepper are by far the most popular spices, which won the hearts of housewives and chefs all over the world. By knowing the taste characteristics of each pepper you can spice up even already familiar dishes. Each pepper has its own distinctive taste, color and degree of spiciness. Pepper berries are widely cultivated in hot climates with moderate humidity.



Organic spices have been known since ancient times and are now widely spread all over the world. They are extensively used in any cuisine on the planet. Spices, in fact, are different parts of tropical and subtropical plants. As a rule, they undergo some processing such as drying, fermentation, boiling etc. The range of application is really wide: from meat dishes to desserts.



Dried herbs can improve the taste, aroma and visual appearance of any dish. During drying a big number of vitamins and minerals are retained, which makes them very healthy ingredients. Dried herbs have a long shelf life because their beneficial properties are preserved for a long time. When stored properly, they could replace fresh seasoning. It's especially important for nordic countries, where people don’t have access to fresh herbs all the time.



Salt is undoubtedly the main ingredient we add to almost any dish. Premium salt allows us to be more creative in the kitchen and experiment beyond familiar taste combinations. There is a variety of sea salt in our product range, which processing is different from mass salt production.


Experiments & Discoveries

We inspect the production and storage sites, we perform analyses, taste products, and purchase interesting lots of spices and herbs.


We have our own production of blends of high quality spices and herbs. Over the years we have created our unique formulas of blends, which we follow and keep a secret.


We offer a variety of products for beginners, amateurs and gourmets. Annually we expand the range with new positions of spices and herbs and come up with new ideas of blends.


Our products have obtained all the required certification, which guarantees that you get goods of the highest quality. Enjoy the taste and aroma with health benefits.

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