Georgian Fenugreek Powder

Little-known outside its country of origin, blue fenugreek, or utshko suneli, is indispensable to Georgian cuisine. Among other things, it is used in traditional blends such as khmeli suneli and Svanetian salt, alongside coriander and marigold petals. Its fragrance is milder that that of regular fenugreek. This is an ideal spice for cooking Caucasian dishes from meat, poultry and vegetables. Vegetable and meat soups, gravies and sauces acquire a complex pleasant aroma due to the use of this seasoning. It is added to sour cabbage and other pickled vegetables. It also gives a chicken broth flavor to vegetable soups.

Origin: Georgia

Ingredients: 100 % blue fenugreek powder

Nutrition summary (100 grams):

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